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We hold the conviction that a unique connection exists between an individual and an idea, just as there is between a team and a vision.

The difference between good music and great music lies in the latter tells a story. It takes the listener on a journey, evoking vivid imagery, stirring deep emotions, and conveying profound messages. Only true artists know the art of delivering music to the public.

It’s genuinely captivating to consider that elevated water holds potential energy. This knowledge has been with humankind for millennia, but the boldness required to invent a more efficient way to tap into this energy is something new, something brand new.

The human preference for sweet taste is hardwired in us. Sweet foods, especially in modern cultures, are often associated with comfort, celebrations, and positive reinforcement. Now we can enjoy this pleasurable sensation without the drawbacks associated with traditional sugars thanks to the advent and use of natural sweeteners.

Supply chains are vast, interconnected systems ensuring the seamless operation of a larger entity, be it global commerce or merely bridging human connections. Aiming for zero-waste in these supply chains is indeed an ambitious endeavor.

Angel Investment at scale

We are dedicated to backing pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups with investments up to 1.000.000 € per round. Our approach is refreshingly direct, and we pride ourselves on swift deployment of capital. At our core, we prioritize founders over red tape, emphasizing entrepreneurship over politics. We’re not politicians, we’re entrepreneurs.

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